Landscape Lighting

Low-voltage lighting began with the introduction of 12v halogen bulbs. Halogen lighting is being phased out. However, the low-voltage lighting industry is now dominated by much more energy-efficient LED technology. Low voltage lighting works by using a LED driver or a transformer to lower the voltage from 110v to 24v, 12v, or lower. The driver or transformer is either built into a light fitting on its own or installed separately, but its presence is essential to the light’s functioning.

Layout Design:

We do the layout design and provide you with a plan that fits your home and your needs. We will use different fixtures types such as:

  1. Up-lighting.
  2. Pah-lighting.
  3. Down-lighting.
  4. Wash lighting.
  5. Steps lighting.

 Each fixture will add a beauty and safety to your home.


NY Landscape & Outdoor Lighting Services can keep your lighting system running yearly with our seasonal package plan. 

The plan includes:

  1. Replacing any dead lamp.
  2. Cleaning and replacing any broken fixtures.
  3. Burring any exposed wire.
  4. Checking and replacing any dead transformers.

System Upgrade:

NY Landscape & Outdoor Lighting Services can offer a system upgrade to any  running lighting system such as:

  1. Increasing the number of fixtures.
  2. Replacing any halogen bulb with LED bulb.
  3. Adding a photo sensor “if applicable” to the transformer or replace the transformer with a different transformer that has a photo sensor.
  4.  Fixtures re-positioning if needed.