We repair your iMac in a professional way

  1. Fix any OS-related issues for Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El-Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra.

  2. Replacement any malfunction part.

  3. We’ll restore your iMac to full health by removing viruses, remote software, malware, toolbars and pop-ups.

  4. Restoring internet connections and wireless problems.

  5. Performance boosting upgrades like Solid State “SSD” drives and memory.

  6. Replacement of iMac power supplies.

  7. Hard Drive replacement.

  8. CD/DVD/SuperDrive repair/replacement.

  9. Broken 21-27” Screen Replacement

  10. Resetting of forgotten/lost admin password or restoring admin rights to computer

  11. Backing up or wiping of your Mac data for recycling or passing on to a new owner

  12. iTunes account backup, recovery, and transfer to a new PC or Mac

  13. Wi-Fi issues, can’t connect to certain networks.

  14. Multi-boot with windows 7 or windows 10