We provide professional services for laptops

  1. LCD Screen Replacements.
  2. DC Power Jack repair and replacement.
  3. Screen hinge repair, replacement, and tightening.
  4. Battery replacement.
  5. Fix OS-related issues for Windows such as boot loops, stuck at repair screen, lock-ups, freezing, devices not working.
  6. Restore your laptop to full health by removing viruses, malware, toolbars and pop-ups, search-engine take-overs.
  7. Networking issues, restoring internet connections, Wireless and hardwired.
  8. Replacement of seized fans and copper heat-pipe assemblies.
  9. Performance boosting upgrades like Solid State SSD drives, more memory.
  10. Hard Drive replacement.
  11. CD/DVD Drive repair/replacement.
  12. Cleaning of dust-clogged internals, fans, and heat sinks.
  13. Resetting of forgotten/lost Windows password or restoring admin rights to computer.
  14. Backing up or wiping of your laptop.
  15. USB port repairs for devices which is not being detected.
  16. Wi-Fi issues, not connecting to certain networks.
  17. Keyboard Replacement.