We provide professional services for Desktop, All-in-Ones, and Gaming PCs

  1. Fix OS-related issues for Windows such as boot loops, stuck at repair screen, lock-ups, freezing, devices not working.
  2. Restore your PC to full health by removing viruses, malware, toolbars and pop-ups, search-engine take-overs.
  3. Networking issues, restoring internet connections, Wireless and hardwired.
  4. Cases changeovers to update look or reduce size of computer.
  5. Performance boosting upgrades like Solid State SSD drives, faster CPUs, more memory, better video card, bigger power supplies.
  6. Cleaning of dust-clogged internals, fans, heat-sinks, motherboards, filters.
  7. Resetting of forgotten/lost Windows password or restoring admin rights to computer.
  8. Backing up or wiping of your PC data.
  9. Assembly of your parts, installation of OS and drivers.